Balmiki Lincoln College was established in 2014 AD as a private Business School in Birtamode, Jhapa district in Nepal. It is affiliated with Lincoln University College, Malaysia, and recognized by the Government of Nepal. It offers TU equivalent programs in Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA- 4 years), Master of Business Administration (MBA-2 years), Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hospitality Management ( BHM - 4 years), and Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) (BIT- 3 years) 

It aims to be a nationally renowned institution of higher learning in research, innovation, publication, and teaching. Balmiki Lincoln College prepares students for knowledge and learning through quality research and education.

The college enjoys a safe and spacious environment. Guided by its principles of compassion, companionship, and conversation., Balmiki Lincoln College gives its students the space for inspiration and courage to explore their own potential, the wonders of our world, and their responsibilities to it and to each other.

Balmiki Lincoln College values and instills a breadth of experience, intellectual rigor, creative joy, and sporting excellence. Many of the students take the opportunity to develop independence and inter-reliance within the security and care of the community.

Being a vibrant and successful college, Balmiki Lincoln College provides the resources and facilities for the academic progress of students and their capacity to reach goals.