Mr. Kishore Basnet,
 Director of Balmiki Lincoln College has been looking over college management since the organization's establishment.


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the students at Balmiki Lincoln. The world is booming up as a global Business Hub and we feel that no education is complete today without professionalism, so we have come up with these most updated courses for a career that gives you wings to fly high in an international arena. 

We at Balmiki Lincoln, do not build employees of tomorrow but a professional entrepreneur who leads and employs the unemployed in the days to come, we believe in delivering skills and capabilities needed for you to shape your careers in the future.  We've always felt that we have been left behind a sailing ship due to the lack of opportunities between a gap in the traditional studies and modern updated courses that's why we have come up with these courses keeping in mind that students themselves can create opportunities for other that they will be able to move towards a new horizon of knowledge and lead for opportunities. 

Finally, learn and build a flaming torch here with us so that you can enlighten yourself and the world where you will be having a neck-to-neck competition on the global ground. Be a leader, not a competitor."